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June 8, 2016

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Finding a reliable and efficient float zone wafer supplier can be potentially difficult. Finding wafer manufacturers with such a wide array of products and manufacturing capabilities may seem like a daunting task, but Wafer World makes it easy. As, not only a float zone wafer supplier, but in general a wafer manufacturer, we have complex processes and techniques in place to deliver the highest quality silicon wafer product.

A float zone wafer supplier is important for your silicon wafer needs

Float Zone Wafer Supplier Techniques

In comparison with the Czochralski process, the float zone silicon is achieved through vertical zone melting. The FZ growth process produces a much purer silicon than the CZ process does. As a float zone wafer supplier, we implement a zone melting process in which different regions are slowly melted. As the sections are melted, the molten region is passed along a rod of silicon slowly and due to impurities being more inclined to stay in the molten region, very few pass through to the solidified region. For this reason, a much purer single crystal is left after the molten region is passed.This process is more commonly used in laboratory cells or specific applications due to the difficulty in growing large diameter ingots for this process. Surface tension limitations during the growth process commonly result in diameters not greater than 150mm. Float zone wafers are becoming more and more popular in the solar panel industry as a purer product results in a higher efficiency cell.For the best float zone wafer supplier, contact Wafer World today! The highest quality float zone wafers and silicon wafers available twenty-four hours, seven days a week through out secure virtual shopping cart. The widest selection of silicon wafer products with all the different specifications for your project. We are an industry leader because of our dedication to quality and the efficient processes we have in place. Contact the best silicon wafer company for your float zone wafer needs today!

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