Float Zone Wafer | What Are Its Benefits?


October 19, 2016

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If you are seeking a high purity alternative to Czochalski (CZ) grown silicon, you are seeking float zone (FZ) wafers. The float zone process produces the purest wafers. Because of their purity, these wafers hold a vast set of unique advantages. Keep reading to find out what these specific float zone wafer benefits are!

3 Float Zone Wafer Benefits

Benefit #1: Higher Growth RatesThe float zone process produces significantly higher growth rates than the Czochralski process. In fact, the growth rate of float zone wafers is typically 2 to 3 times higher than Czochralski growth rates. The high growth rates of float zone wafers are extremely beneficial because it helps minimize defects.Benefit #2: Very Low Oxygen Levels The presence of oxygen in silicon can lead to numerous negative effects. The oxygen content in float zone silicon is usually less than 1017 cm–3. Float zone wafers rarely have to deal with these harmful issues thanks to the fact that have very low oxygen levels.Benefit #3: Precise Dopant ControlOne of the most important float zone wafer benefits is that, unlike Czochralski technology, float zone wafers possess the ability to exactly control the resistivity throughout the whole of the crystal. This is especially important for applications that use the bulk of the silicon wafers in the making of electronic devices.All these benefits make float zone wafers an appealing option for numerous applications. They are most commonly used in the manufacturing of discrete power devices, optical products, high efficiency solar panels, and radio-frequency chips.If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of float zone wafers, Wafer World can help deliver the highest quality float zone wafer product. We have been satisfying customers around the world for almost three decades. Call us at 561-842-4441 or shop our fully equipped online store in a secure virtual environment today!

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