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April 2, 2019

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in 2019, wafers are all around us. There are many different types, but one of the more commonly seen wafers are float zone wafers. FZ wafers are known to have excellent properties. They are high-purity, low in carbon and oxygen impurity concentration, has little to no micro defects, and has improved mechanical strength. If you are planning to use FZ wafers for your next project, make sure to get a high-quality float zone wafer by making sure that they go through the right production process. Here is the process of FZ wafer production:

Float Zone (FZ) Process

This method is founded on the principle invented by Theuerer in 1962. It is called the zone-melting principle. The process of production involves a vacuum or an inert gaseous atmosphere where a high-purity polycrystalline bar and a monocrystalline seed crystal are put close to each other vertically while rotating. Using a radio frequency field, both the polycrystalline bar and the monocrystalline seed crystal are partly melted.A necking procedure is performed to form a dislocation-free crystal. Necking is done before there is an increase in size to form a taper and attain the needed diameter for steady-state growth. Melted silicon starts forming into a single crystal while the material is being purified. FZ crystals go through the doping process by adding doping gas phosphine or diborane to the inert gas.

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