GaAs Reclaim Wafers | Why GaAs Reclaim Wafers are Beneficial


May 9, 2019

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Reclaiming is a well-known process that transforms a used wafer into prime, test, and monitor wafers. The process of reclaiming wafers involves stripping, polishing, and cleaning of used wafers while maintaining its best bulk properties. This process can be done with Silicon, GaAs, and InP. Various companies have now switched to GaAs reclaim wafers instead of buying new test wafers because of the following benefits:


GaAs reclaim wafers are inexpensive compared to buying brand-new test wafers. So, if you’re looking for a way to cut costs without sacrificing quality, reclaim wafers might be the solution you’re looking for.

Excellent Performance

Despite the fact that reclaim wafers are used wafers that have been cleaned, polished, and stripped, it still is able to perform as excellently as new test wafers do. The only difference between reclaim wafers and new test wafers is a slight decrease in thickness. But you need not worry because even repeated reclaiming shows that wafers are still able to possess all the necessary qualities needed.

Reclaiming Can be Repeated

Wafers can be reclaimed on average 2-3 times. That means double or triple the savings! What’s mind-blowing about this is the fact that despite going through polishing, stripping, and cleaning 2-3 times, the bulk properties of the reclaim wafers remain to be of excellent quality.


One of the major problems faced by the government is corporate waste management. By using reclaimed wafers, you are able to contribute to the reduction of waste. Imagine the amount of waste reduced by using reclaimed wafers 2-3 times!

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Looking for GaAs Reclaim Wafers?

Using GaAs reclaim wafers will not only save you money once but up to three times! Plus, you get to help the environment. Get quality reclaimed wafers from a wafer company you can trust. At Wafer World, we are dedicated to providing quality wafers to all our clients for all their wafer needs at the best price possible. Call us today for any inquiry or purchase wafers online.

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