Germanium Wafer | Process, Properties, and Applications


September 15, 2016

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Silicon is not the only element used to create semiconductors. There is another option. That option is Germanium (Ge). Germanium is an extremely important component in many semiconductors. Are you interested in learning more about germanium wafers? Keep reading to find out the germanium wafer production process, properties, and applications.

What Is the Germanium Wafer Production Process?

The process of transforming an element into thin wafers with a damage free, mirror-like, clean surface is no easy task. It requires a series of steps. Here are the 5 steps in the germanium wafer production process:1) Highly pure germanium is attained during zone refining.2) The Czochralski process transforms the element into a germanium crystal.3) The crystal is manufactured into a wafer through the process of cutting, grinding and etching.4) The Ge wafers are cleaned and inspected. This step requires the wafers to be polished on either one or both sides, depending on the customers needs.5) The high-quality wafers are packed under a nitrogen atmosphere in single wafer containers.

What Are the Properties of Germanium Wafers?

Germanium wafers have unique properties that make them a very appealing semiconductor. Ge wafers are mechanically strong with a low weight. These wafers also posses the ability to be produced with a diameter as large as 300 mm.

What Are Germanium Wafer Applications?

Germanium wafers are used in numerous applications thanks to its excellent crystallographic properties and unique electric properties. Some specific germanium wafer uses include space solar cells, terrestrial solar cells (CPV), sensors, infrared optics, high brightness LEDS, and many other semiconductor applications.Are you interested in using a germanium wafer? Shop for germanium wafers now at Wafer World! Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility provides germanium, silicon, gallium arsenide, indium phosphide, sapphire, and quartz products for customers in over 45 countries! Meet your unique semiconductor needs by browsing our fully equipped online store today!

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