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February 22, 2019

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Silicon wafers are an incredibly versatile format used by a variety of different manufacturers and industries.

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Circuitry is the most common use for silicon wafers today. A silicon wafer’s primary use is in integrated circuits. Integrated circuits also power many of the devices that modern society uses every day. Computers and smartphones are just two of the devices that are dependent on this technology. Although other semiconductors have been tested over time, silicon has proved to be a stable option. Other uses also include sensors, such as the tire pressure sensor system, and solar cells. Silicon wafers absorb the photons in sunlight and this, in turn, creates electricity.


Silicon wafers are especially useful for testing the capabilities of new technologies. Many companies use silicon wafers in their product testing. In this purpose, a lot of time the product or prototype is created and tested. Through this testing the silicon wafer can also become damaged and although in the past this would lead to the wafer being discarded and a new wafer being purchased for further testing. Many educational institutions also use wafers to test their experimental computer programs and new computing equipment.

Germanium Wafer

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