How InP Wafers Work in Power Management Integrated Circuits


April 24, 2020

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An InP wafer makes a great semiconductor material for power management applications. It is widely used for power management integrated circuits that aim to enhance the way power is being utilized by an electrical or electronic system. Here we’ll break down everything you need to know about power management integrated circuits.

Who is a great inp wafer supplier?

What is a Power Management Integrated Circuit?

The Basics of Power

Power management integrated circuits are integrated circuits that intend to maximize the way power is being utilized in an electronic device and other technologies. It includes devices that are utilized to control power generation, usage, storage and delivery, power replenishment, maintenance, and monitoring.

The Mobile Lifestyle

Ever since consumers have embraced a more mobile lifestyle, the necessity for power management IC’s became more evident. All of a sudden, the world wanted their mobile phones, laptops, tabs, and other gadgets to last longer before needing a battery recharge. Because of this, various power management ICs are available in the market today. Various manufacturers utilize an InP wafer to produce a power management IC.

The Integrated Circuit

An example of a power management integrated circuit is the MAX1702B. It is manufactured by Maxim. It holds a triple-output power management IC for microprocessor-based applications that need serious computing and multimedia capability at low power.Examples of applications that need three ultra-high-performance power supplies in one IC and with regulatory and management functions are PDAs, internet appliances, smartphones, automotive in-dash Telematics systems, and more.

More About the MAX1202B

The MAX1702B is capable of automatic power-up sequencing, two levels of low-battery detection, and power-on reset with manual rest timer. This power management IC uses small external components, which is made possible through its built-in DC-DC converters that utilize fast 1MHz PWM switching.MAX1702B uses PWM mode when the device is being used for heavy loads but skips this mode when being used for light loads. This helps maximize the device's battery life and reduce the amount of current used in the integrated circuit.

What is an inp wafer circuit?

Do You Need an InP Wafer?

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