India’s Race for an Indigenous Semiconductor Industry


April 18, 2022

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While some countries have robust semiconductor industries – able to provide everything from your standard silicon semiconductors to reclaimed InP wafers – other countries don’t have the capacity necessary to cover a significant portion of their semiconductor needs.

India is a prominent example: they currently import all their semiconductors. However, the Indian government is looking to change that with several incentives, the most prominent of which is “Make in India.” Today, we’ll discuss India’s attempts to build an indigenous semiconductor market, as well as explaining why it’s so difficult for many countries to do so.

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India’s Semiconductor Incentives

Make in India is designed to increase manufacturing capacity in a variety of industries. It’s put hundreds of billions of dollars toward that effort, boosting capacity in a variety of different sectors.

It’s already offering a billion dollars to semiconductor companies that produce indigenous semiconductors, and the Indian government just recently created a new $10 billion program designed to boost production even further.

Why Is It Difficult to Start Up Semiconductor Manufacturing?

Many countries have begun emphasizing the importance of domestic semiconductor manufacturing, but it’s difficult to build the facilities. Along with being technically difficult to set up, many wafer manufacturers have razor-thin margins.

Typically, semiconductor design is easier to set up. It allows designers to control exactly how they want the chip to function, without requiring the intensive QA and manufacturing capabilities that can take years to fully set up.

Some people point toward China’s difficulties in this space: while it has put billions into growing a domestic market, its production facilities still can’t match the cutting-edge of the field.

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