InP Reclaim | What You Need to Know


November 3, 2016

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One of the most valuable services a wafer manufacturing company can provide is wafer reclaim. Wafer reclaim is a smart way to reap many benefits. One of these benefits is the fact that numerous different types of wafers can be reclaimed, including InP wafers. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about InP reclaim.

What is InP?

InP is a binary semiconductor composed of indium and phosphorus. It has a face-centered cubic crystal structure that is extremely similar to Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) semiconductors. InP is often used in high-power and high-frequency electronics due to possessing a better electron velocity than more common semiconductors, such as silicon and GaAs. Some examples of InP wafer applications include amplifiers, fiber optic network components, lasers, and more.

What is InP Reclaim?

InP reclaim is a recycling process. It involves taking an InP wafer to be processed, removing any unwanted material from the wafer with a combination of dry and wet processes, and then polishing and cleaning the wafer to restore it to a usable grade so that is can be reprocessed for a different use.

Why Reclaim?

InP reclaim is a popular process for numerous reasons. However, the main reason is that the price of new InP wafers is rising. Reclaiming InP wafers is a way that companies can save money and decrease prime wafer purchases. InP wafers can be recycled and reclaimed until the wafers become too thin to be used and must be replaced by new ones. As a result, companies are able to get additional savings repeatedly just by reclaiming InP wafers.If you’re interested in InP reclaim, contact us! We are leaders in wafer manufacturing and can recycle wafers up to 150mm diameter with a 3-step polishing process for high quality finished products. Visit our wafer processing company online today to learn more about our InP reclaim services!

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