Interesting Facts About Wafer Polishing


April 20, 2021

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Have you ever wondered why polishing plays a crucial role in the production of double side polish wafers? Besides ensuring a mirror-like finish that’s completely free from defects, this process also creates thinner yet stronger and more pliable wafers.[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]

Facts About Wafer Polishing You Should Know

It Produces Wafers With a Specific Flatness

Did you know that certain applications require the use of wafers that feature a specific flatness? Wafers that meet this condition are known to demonstrate improved performance and efficiency that are needed in device manufacturing work, double side patterning, integrated circuits construction, microelectromechanical systems, wafer bonding, and silicon on insulator fabrication.However, without the elaborate wafer polishing process, it would be virtually impossible to produce double side polish wafers with improved flatness. The double side polishing unit comes with an automated feedback control system that ensures that the wafer’s specific flatness requirements are met.

It Improves the Quality of the Wafer’s Surfaces

Surface contaminants refer to certain impurities that settle or bond on the surfaces of a wafer. In most cases, these contaminants are a result of part handling, the environment, or the manufacturing process. If these aren’t eliminated, these impurities can significantly affect the wafer’s physical and chemical properties.The double-side polishing process eliminates defects and uneven points caused by sub-micron level wiring and surface contaminations. Since it produces flat and mirror-like wafer surfaces, it effectively prevents particle trapping.Additionally, this process also hinders warping and eliminates stresses that may weaken the wafer’s structural integrity. The result is a thinner, stronger, and more pliable wafer that’s free from defects and impurities.

It Involves a Meticulous Process

When it comes to wafer polishing, certain materials are required. These include diamond liquid slurry, polishing pads, and a vacuum carrier.The vacuum carrier holds the wafer in place to expose its backside before a rotating platen that’s covered with a polishing pad is used to polish it. The polishing process cautiously removes the wafer’s damaged layers with the use of calculated and precise force.

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