Double Side Polish Wafer | What Wafer Polishing Accomplishes


August 12, 2019

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To achieve a flat, defect-free, and clean surface, wafers need to go through polishing. Not only does polishing take away any defects caused by the grinding process but it also gives wafers a mirror finish and contributes to reducing its thickness. Polishing produces a double side polish wafer, which can be used in multiple applications, like MEMS and other applications which require a tightly controlled flatness. Let’s take a look at how wafer polishing can get rid of surface damage on wafers.


Polishing is an essential step to get rid of any surface damage and defects caused by backgrinding. Polishing also gives wafers a flat surface with a mirror-like finish on both sides. Thus, the double-side polish wafer.

Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP)

CMP is one of the most widely used methods to remove surface damage from wafers. This process takes away an average of 5-10 microns of silicon from the back part of the wafer, which results in a dramatic decline in micro-sized peaks and valley micro-damage from the backgrinding process.  The process begins with the preparation of the polishing pad and a diamond slurry. Then, the wafer will be strategically positioned so that its backside is exposed. The wafer will be held by a vacuum carrier, which will slowly bring the wafer against a rotating platen covered in polishing pads. Using a calculated and precise downward force, damaged layers will be carefully removed from the wafers.

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Where to Find a Double Side Polish Wafer?

Polishing wafers is an important process to achieve a clean, flat, and mirror-like surface. At Wafer World, you can get high-quality double side polish wafer at the best price possible. Call us for inquiries or visit our website to know more about the services we offer.

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