Major Benefits of Using InP Wafers


May 9, 2021

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Without the indium phosphide or InP wafer, optical systems wouldn’t be able to perform at their best. This semiconductor material plays a critical role in long-haul, mobile backhaul, and data center applications for optical systems. Moreover, this type of wafer is also a key element in the fabrication of waveguides, photodiodes, and high-yield lasers because of how it ensures efficient fiber communications.Compared to common semiconductors that include silicon and gallium arsenide wafers, InP wafers have superior electron velocity. For this reason, they’re widely used for high-power and high-frequency electronics.

InP Wafer packaging

How Are InP Wafers Processed?

Prior to device fabrication, InP wafers have to be properly prepared by getting rid of surface damage via lapping during the slicing process. Lapping involves the use of loose abrasive powder as the grinding agent at low speeds. It ensures that the wafers exhibit high tolerances of flatness or finish for device fabrication.

What Are the Benefits of Using InP Wafers?


Accumulating a wide array of semiconductor crystals is possible on InP wafers. This makes it a reliable option for fabricating devices over extreme temperatures.


Since InP wafers with a four-inch diameter are readily available, you can use each chip for various electronic devices.

High Speed

One of the best things about InP wafers is the fact that each wafer allows 25 Gbps data rates. In other words, it makes it possible for you to use the shortest route for modulated lasers.


Laser cladding or laser metal deposition is a special technique that involves adding one material to the surface of another. The goal is to repair the part’s worn or damaged surfaces or improve the surface and weather resistance of that part. Due to their low refractive index, InP wafers are ideal for laser waveguide cladding.


If you want certain integrated or single devices to efficiently absorb or diffuse wavelengths at about 1550 and 1310 nm, you’ll want to use InP wafers for fiber communications.

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Do You Need an InP Wafer?

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