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August 30, 2016

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With MEMS being widely used in a variety of consumer electronic applications, one technology in particular has recently made a splash into the general consumer market. As home automation increases in popularity, the need for MEMS will increase parallel to the need for these devices. In addition to the smart home, home security devices also implement MEMS in their technologies. To make these advancements more popularized, companies strive to make their products available to the general market, and one method in which they do this is by using MEMS, which are more cost efficient, in their products. From the MEMS manufacturing company to the final product, MEMS play an important role in many devices used in the modern world. Learn more about what kind of products are employing MEMS as they evolve.

MEMS and Sensor Technology in the Home Sensor technology is widely utilized in the home security sector of this field. Through the development of devices, namely acceleromaters, security in homes and also commercial buildings and industrial sites have traded in security cameras for sensor security devices. An acceleromater is a device with the ability of measuring acceleration and gravity induced reaction forces. When the security mode of a sensor device is on, the acceleromater is set through its technical capabilities to be alert to any change in movement of its surroundings. So for example, a MEMS based motion sensor would be used to monitor movements in the window. Either a forceful entry, vibration or inclination triggers the acceleromater which when triggered sounds the alarm.The same basic functionality applies to fire sensor technology. Instead of the device monitoring a change in acceleration or movement, however, it monitors temperatures in a home or building. A fire MEMS sensor would be programed to detect temperatures after they pass a certain threshold. Once it passes that temperature the alarm is sounded and in turn the consumer is alerted.For a wide variety of MEMS products available at competitive prices, visit our 24/7 virtual silicon wafer shopping cart online today.

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