Silicon Wafer Manufacturers| How Are Wafers Optimized for Electronics?


February 22, 2019

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Did you know that silicon is a semi-metal element that works well with electronics? It is used as a semiconductor that can be found in transistors and integrated circuits. They are essential to functioning parts in everyday cellphones, TVs, and solar panels. Let’s keep reading for more information about your silicon wafer manufacturers!

Electron Properties

In the first place, silicon is an ideal semiconductor because it has a high number of free electrons to conduct optimal levels of electricity. Overall, silicon has a lower energy difference between its valence electrons and the conduction band—the aspect of electrons that roam freely.Therefore, its valence band to conduction band ratio makes it perfect for electronic conductivity.


Moreover, silicon must undergo a specialized doping process for prime conductivity. The doping process includes added a tiny amount of impurity to the element. This allows the release of electrons without significantly changing the temperature.Furthermore, there are two types of materials used in the doping process. Both are used as a source for semiconductor voltage:N-Type

  • Adds an impurity that includes one or more electrons than silicon
  • Silicon will be negatively charged (greater number of free electrons)


  • Adds an impurity that has one less electron than silicon
  • Silicon is positively charged
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