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August 30, 2016

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Thanks to the micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology, wearable devices are even possible. Due to the size and cost efficiency of these devices, not only do MEMS make wearables possible, but they also make them available to the general population. Since the wearable technology has been introduced to the market, they have grown in advancements within the devices and in popularity equally. Now these devices are capable of sensing and tracking a large variety of information and the public is enjoying the benefits of having this information. Find out more about how these devices operate and how important the role of MEMS is for this new and continuing trend!

What Are Wearables? Wearables are just a term reference technology that is continuously worn by a user. The wearable technology needs to have certain functions and characteristics in order to be considered a wearable and accomplish the purpose of a wearable. Being that the wearable is worn over longer periods of time, one of the requirements is that the device is always on and performing the tracking and sensing functions. Since it is a wearable device, it needs to be compact as a large or bulky device would make it hard for the user to wear. With it being compact, it also needs to be a low power device, as they are run on a small battery. Wearable technology needs to be intelligent and environmentally aware, and that is where the MEMS technology plays a role. Depending on what the device is programmed to track, wearables can sense user data and some can even be programmed to track the actual physical environment around the user as well.Different types of sensor technologies are utilized in these wearable devices, including, but not limited to, accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetic compasses, pressure sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, and operational amplifiers.

What Are Wearable Applications? Besides the wearable fitness trackers that have been the craze as of late, MEMS have been helping wearable technology develop in other applications. At the MEMS & Sensors Technology Showcase different types of monitors and systems were introduced, all possible because of MEMS. One of the new monitors being introduced was a baby breathing and rollover monitor. This wearable technology senses a baby’s breathing and alerts parents of any trouble. Another application introduced at the showcase was an indoor air quality detector. This technology functions as a monitor of the air quality of indoor environments to ensure that the air you are breathing at home is healthy and good quality.Thanks to MEMS we already have so many useful and life changing technologies available, and there are still more to come. As the technology continues to improve, the innovations will also continue to grow and help people in their day-to-day lives.

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