What are the Properties of Gallium Arsenide?


June 1, 2021

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Are you looking to find GaAs reclaim wafers for your next project? These compound semiconductors combine two elements: gallium (Ga) and arsenic (As).While gallium is rarer than gold, organic arsenic is a naturally occurring element abundant in the Earth’s crust. Furthermore, gallium is produced by smelting together aluminum and zinc. On the other hand, inorganic arsenic is a byproduct of copper smelting, coal burning, and mining.

GaAs Reclaim Wafers

The Properties of Gallium Arsenide

High Electron Mobility

When used in certain devices where electron transit time is extremely critical, GaAs devices are able to produce higher response times due to the compound’s high electron mobility.

Direct Bandgap

Unlike silicon, which has an indirect bandgap, GaAs features a direct bandgap that allows it to efficiently handle light emissions. Thanks to its wide bandgap, GaAs generally stay stable to high temperatures.This makes it possible for GaAs to facilitate photon generation via inter-band radiative recombination. Since GaAs wafers are exceptional at emitting and absorbing light, they’re the ideal substrate for space exploration.

Highly Resistive

Compared to silicon semiconductors, GaAs semiconductors are more resistive because of their wide and direct bandgap. When GaAs is combined with a high relative dielectric constant and permittivity, it becomes an excellent substrate with natural isolation between devices and circuits.

Fast Operation

Since GaAs supports a newer and faster network called 5G, it operates faster and generates less noise compared to other options. Additionally, using GaAs wafers in the process of manufacturing digital and linear integrated circuits can cause them to generate less noise.

Flexible and Lightweight

GaAs wafers are widely used in solar technology because of their flexibility and weight. This causes them to demonstrate greater efficiency in absorbing sunlight because they eliminate the need for using thick layers to add to their overall weight.

GaAs Reclaim Wafers

Where to Find the Best GaAs Reclaim Wafers

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