Silicon Manufacturing | 3 Different Wafer Grades and Their Uses


November 25, 2019

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There are four different kinds of silicon wafer grades available: prime, test, dummy, and reclaimed grade silicon wafers. Silicon manufacturing categorizes them according to their quality levels. As a result, each wafer has its unique properties and applications. Here are three different wafer grades and their uses:

Prime Grade Silicon Wafers

Prime grade silicon wafers are also called “device-quality.” Prime grade is the best grade of silicon wafer. They offer excellent quality, polished surface, and tight resistivity specs. In addition, prime grade silicon wafers are more expensive compared to other silicon grades, but their quality, extended lifespan, and performance justify the price. Prime grade wafers also work best for semiconductor manufacturing, photolithography, particle monitors, and more.

Test Grade Silicon Wafers

Test grade wafers are the second-best type of wafer. Despite this, they are similar to prime grade silicon wafers, except they are less expensive. Test grade silicon wafers are less precise compared to prime grade wafers, but overall, test grade wafers have only a few non-complaints features. Test grade silicon wafers are great for equipment testing, semiconductor fabrication control management, testing, and more.

Dummy Grade Silicon Wafer

Dummy grade silicon wafers work very well for experimental and testing projects. They work best for measuring pressure resistance, pinball presence, film thickness, and reflection index for the entire production process.These wafers also commonly used for the production line of safety improvements in the entire silicon manufacturing production process. Also, dummy grade wafers guarantee and assess the production processes. Dummy grade wafers improve safety in the production line, production process evaluation, and safety measures.

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