Silicon Manufacturing | How to Guarantee the Reliability of Semiconductors


September 19, 2019

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Semiconductor reliability engineering involves a large set of engineering disciplines that guarantee a constant improvement in the reliability of every device. It is the development of methods, techniques, and standards to guarantee the reliability of semiconductor devices when in use. Silicon manufacturing plays a significant role in this because it is one of the major components of semiconductors. If you’re wondering how semiconductor reliability engineering works, then read on:

The Basics

A device’s ability to comply with the electrical, visual, and mechanical requirements over a stated period under certain conditions is important. These are identified through a wide variety of reliability tests. The tests are also performed to achieve constant reliability enhancement throughout the entire life cycle of the device- from design to fabrication, to application and usage, and until it fails.

“Design for Reliability”

Correcting and improving the reliability of a semiconductor device is more difficult once it has been released, which means that all efforts must be exhausted in the design stage to make sure that they’re inherently reliable. This idea is called “Design for Reliability" also known as DFR. DFR consists of all design rules for making a semiconductor device to guarantee its optimum reliability, from the design, electrical, mechanical and best-known practices. Ensuring a device's reliability in its design stage is crucial, especially because devices today reach disuse more quickly.


After silicon wafer manufacturing, once an integrated circuit has been designed and the silicon is released, a wafer-level reliability test is performed. It is a series of reliability tests at the wafer level to evaluate the reliability of the die. Any problems identified at this level must be corrected, before the package level. Following the idea of DFR will greatly minimize problems at wafer-level.

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