Wafer Manufacturing | The Different Processes Involved in Wafer Manufacturing


June 19, 2019

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Wafers play an important role in the production of various everyday electronic devices, like cellphones, TV, laptops, computers, and more. It also has various applications for high-power devices, solar cells, MEMS, and more. But in order for wafers to become suitable for these applications, it must go through a series of meticulous wafer manufacturing processes. Here are the different processes involved in wafer manufacturing:

Wafer Manufacturing

Wafer manufacturing starts with the processing of silica sand to produce silicon. In a buried electric arc heating system, the silica will be put under extreme heat to get rid of any oxygen present while keeping the silicon.

Reduction Method

For 6-8 hours, the heating system will be repeatedly loaded with weighed raw materials using a fume hood or bucket. Then, electric will be moved through the electrodes to form a curve at the lid of the furnace. The curve is strategically situated in that area to release heat, to melt the materials inside. This produces silicon and carbon monoxide. To lessen the calcium and aluminum impurities present in the metal mixture, oxygen and air will be incorporated into it. Silicon metal contains about 98.5-99.9% of silicon with little bits if calcium, iron, and aluminum.

Cooling and Crushing Method

The slag (which is an oxidized material) and the silicon metal will be cooled separately in a pot and a big cast iron tray. After the cooling, the metal will then be weighed and placed in a truck to be kept away for storage. The metal will be sized depending on the request.


Silicon metal weighing up to 3,000 lbs. will be packed in large sacks or wooden boxes. Or, it can also be packaged in its powder form in paper bags or plastic pails.

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