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April 5, 2016

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There are so many uses and purposes for silicon wafers in the modern day, it is difficult to categorize the most important uses. Being that silicon wafers are so commonly used, picking out just a few of the uses to focus on is not an easy task. In this post we will concentrate on the applications of silicon wafers in the electronic device sector. Keep reading for more information on the importance of the silicon wafer in your everyday life.

Is Silicon the Best Semiconductor?

Although other conductors are used in other more specific applications, silicon is the most popular semiconductor because of it’s high mobility at room temperature and high temperatures. Electrical currents can travel through silicon semiconductors much faster than most conductors making it an excellent option in electronic devices.

Silicon Wafers in Electronic Devices

Semiconductors like silicon wafers are used to manufacture the chips and microchips in electronic devices. Because of the characteristics of the current of electricity through silicon wafers, these semiconductors are used to build integrated circuits or ICs. Integrated circuits are used in a range of electronic devices as the commands for certain actions that the electronic devices perform.Although it may be easy to associate silicon wafers with very specific and technical technological devices that you may have never even dreamed of, silicon wafers are much closer than you think! Did you know they are used in computers? Mobile devices? How about your smart phones?! Also, when you think of silicon wafers, do you think of them in your tire pressure sensor system?! Yes, they are used in that device as well! Silicon wafer manufacturing is an incredibly important part of the creation and development of different technological advancements.

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