Silicon Wafer Manufacturing | A Brief Overview of Wafer Fabrication


September 6, 2019

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Silicon wafer manufacturing is the first step in semiconductor manufacturing. It’s because silicon wafer is one of the major components used in a semiconductor. Silicon wafers play a significant role in our lives, from everyday electronic devices to the technology used in the medical field and even in space. Without it, we would still be stuck in an era where knowledge is only found in libraries, communication is difficult, and medical treatments were more complex.  But how is this very important component brought to life? Read on to know more about wafer fabrication.

What is Wafer Fabrication?

Wafer fabrication involves building integrated circuits on silicon wafers, but before that, silicon wafer manufacturing must first take place. Silicon wafer manufacturing begins with a raw silicon or silica sand processed to attain highly pure silicon ingots. There are two ways to do this: CZ or Czochralski method and FZ or Float Zone method. Then, the silicon ingots are shaped and cut into thin silicon wafers via wafering.

Wafer Fabrication Process

There are various wafer fabrication processes, ever since the semiconductor industry has advanced. This allows device designers to make the most out of wafers through their designs and by choosing the best fabrication process to carry out their vision. But all existing fabrication processes consist of basic steps involving the following:

  • Thermal Oxidation- method of producing thin layers of oxide on the surface of wafers.
  • Photolithography- method of transferring geometric shapes on masks onto the surfaces of wafers.
  • Etching- a process of removing tiers from the surface of wafers during manufacturing.
  • Doping- a process of adding impurities into the semiconductor crystal to modify its conductivity.
  • Passivation- a process of depositing materials on devices while they are still in their wafer state. This process is usually performed once the IC fabrication process is completed.
  • Electrical Test- involves testing all individual integrated circuits found on the wafer for any functional defects through administering special test patterns to them.
  • Assembly- is an intricate process that needs precision and utmost care until the final packaging.
what is a silicon wafer manufacturing?

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