Silicon Wafer Processing | The Photolithography Process for Silicon Wafer Processing


June 13, 2019

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An important part of the silicon wafer processing is photolithography. Photolithography is a process that embeds patterns on a mask to the surface of a silicon wafer to produce printed circuit boards and microprocessors. Here are some photolithography processes:

Photoresist Coating

A photoresist is a liquid polymeric material that is used to coat substrates where patterns will be etched. With a speed of 1000-5000 rpm, substrates spin as the photoresist coating is poured for an even layer. Another alternative is using a dry film photoresist to laminate it onto the substrate to create a surface where photoresist can be etched.

Partial Exposure Areas of Resist

The areas of the substrate which is photoresist-coated will be exposed using an exposure tool. To expose partial areas of resist, a light will shine over a glass plate that is slightly coated in chrome, which contains the desired patterns to be etched. This method creates a chemical development in the photoresist.


The substrate will be immersed in a developer solution which disintegrates the areas where photoresist was captured by the light. What remains after the immersion in the solution is the desired pattern.


The substrate will be subjected under high heat between 100-120 degrees Celsius in order to get rid of the liquids absorbed into it and to crosslink the remaining photoresist. This process boosts the mechanical and chemical strength of the substrate which prepares it for further processing.

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