Silicon Wafer Supplier | Effects of Boron Doping


May 16, 2016

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When searching for the best silicon wafer supplier, it is important to initially see what stock they have available and also see the capabilities of the silicon wafer manufacturer itself. Understanding the different processes and being able to effectively and efficiently produce the highest quality silicon wafer products is what Wafer World specializes in. Every project has different specifications, one characteristic being the doping materials and processes that are undertook in order to create the wafer. We will go into more detail about doping and today will highlight, specifically, the effect of doping with Boron.

What is Doping? To briefly go over this process, doping is when is a process during the silicon wafer manufacturing where the silicon wafer supplier can modify the electrical behavior of a wafer by adding impurities to it. In other words, when the silicon wafer is being produced, a highly pure version is created and this version has certain properties that affect the flow of electricity. However, depending on the purpose of the silicon wafer, different electrical properties may be required to achieve a certain goal. At a certain point in the silicon wafer manufacturing process, a silicon wafer supplier can add impurities, or dopants, to the silicon wafer and this will affect the electrical behavior depending on what materials are added. Doping is used when you want to control the flow of electricity in a certain manner within the wafer.

How Does Boron Affect a Silicon Wafer? In the doping process, you can create an n-type or p-type and when you add boron you create a p-type. When you add Boron as a dopant, some of the silicon’s electrons are removed, so there is a positive charge and a change in the flow of electricity. Doping and creating n-type and p-type semiconductors allows for the creation of several electronic devices including transistors.For all of your silicon wafer needs, Wafer World has the capability and expertise to produce and manufacture silicon wafers of the highest quality. We are industry leaders and ensure that you get the product you need, when you need it and at a competitive price. If you are looking for silicon wafer suppliers, you found the best one here!

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