How Silicon Wafers Can Help Improve Your Health


September 7, 2021

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Are you looking to invent the next lifesaving medical device? From non-invasive diabetic treatment options to advanced prosthetics, what will you dream up? However, without trusty silicon wafers, your best mock-ups won't be impressive off the paper. If you're ready to build your prototypes, contact us for all of your semiconductor wafer needs.  We offer far more than just silicon wafers. We have GaAs, InP reclaim, and many more. Depending on your project, you may need a particular semiconductor material for optimal results. Let us know if you have any questions regarding the differing wafers we offer.

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What Are Silicon Wafers?  

Wafers are an integral part of semiconductors. They monitor, enable, and restrict the flow of electrical currents in most electrical devices. Doing so facilitates issuing commands, such as pressing a button or speaking to a conversational AI.  Semiconductors allow HVACs to heat and cool, communications with phones and computers, light bulbs to illuminate the dark, and much more.  

What is Silicon?  

Silicon is a popular choice for several reasons. Perhaps the most important is its natural abundance. It's the second most abundant element making up nearly a quarter of the earth's crust. Furthermore, in the known universe, silicon is in the top ten most abundant.   Secondly, silicon is a metalloid, neither metal nor non-metal but has qualities of both. For this reason, silicon makes for the ideal semiconductor. As the name suggests, it's a part-time conductor while also acting as an insulator.  Thirdly, silicon's high electron mobility supplies electronics with ample speed for quick computing, streaming, and downloading. Each time we watch or look at a video or picture, semiconductors continuously fire signals for your smooth viewing pleasure.  

Medical Application of Semiconductors  


What many don't think about is how beneficial wafers are to health. When it comes to cancer care, nothing can provide as exciting solutions as the budding field of nanotechnology. With it comes the hopes of finding a cure or a better, safer treatment option.  With the recent success of nanoparticles to fight the SARS-CoV-2 virus, a similar approach is underway for cancer. The idea behind introducing nanoparticles to the human body is to improve the immune system. Each particle has a purpose, such as drug delivery, tumor prevention, or vaccine therapy.  Doxil is an approved US Food and Drug nanomedicine used to target cancers. Available since 1995, Doxil was the only drug of its kind for a while. This growing field continues to advance as an increasing number of drugs are in clinical trials.


Advanced prosthetics perform nearly as well as their flesh counterparts. Perhaps they'll one day become superior.   Witnessing a prosthetic arm or leg in use is a marvelous sight. Void of nerve endings, yet somehow metallic fingers can grasp a bottle or hold a book. The mind control functionality, flexion, and control result from semiconductors firing off command signals as quickly as the brain sends them down to your prosthetic.  For these to work, small electrodes will attach to your arm at the base of the artificial limb. These are crucial for coordination as they read, transfer, and send muscle contractions to your limb to dictate how it responds.  Additionally, researchers have created a prosthetic that can feel. That's right - a bionic arm taken from a science-fiction movie. Retrofitted with touch sensors covering the surface of the prosthetic, you can feel the breath of wind on your robotic arm.  While a wonderful breakthrough in the medical realm, imagine how this can change other aspects of life. Imagine feeling a movie or game - a breathtaking experience.  

Smoking Cessation  

Nicotine is a vicious chemical that doesn't let go, leading to countless addictions worldwide. Until recently, treatments have been spotty. However, the more scientists know about magnetic fields, they become closer to eliminating cigarette addiction.  Magnetic fields continue to show many effects on the human mind. Perhaps the most shocking is a way to reduce and prevent nicotine cravings. Regardless of its criticisms, more and more tests have shown since 2013 that it can work.  If you want to transmit a signal, message, radio wave, or create a magnetic field, you'll need many components. These include semiconductors, transistors, and receivers, to name a few.  All a wave needs are accelerated electrical charges. Electric energy can transfer through a metal wire or small electrical components. The magnetic fields that turn off the cueing signals to smoke are generated and maintained by semiconductors using silicon wafers.  

Modernized Pacemakers  

The job of a pacemaker is to ensure the individual's heart pumps blood in a controlled, normal manner. Each unit's innards contain electronic circuitry, a battery, and a small computer. These small parts power the pacemaker's pulse generator, which stimulates blood circulation.  Original pacemakers and those made until 2021 all require multiple mandatory doctor visits. Now, with the integration of wireless pairing technology, this has changed. Not only do patients benefit from this, but there are also practical benefits such as:  

Diabetic Technologies  

A common practice for those with diabetes is to poke their fingers to draw blood to get a blood sugar reading. Frequently, finger pricking would be needed three or more times a day. Thankfully, this method is now becoming obsolete with the introduction of digital glucose monitors. These can:  

  • Watch glucose levels  
  • Show blood sugar trends  
  • Show accurate projections  
  • Can link to phones  

Since this sends data to your smartphone or computer, it has a transmitter and receiver built-in. These allow the messages to ping back and forth in real-time, allowing you to see how your body is after a meal.

Closeup of Silicon Wafer

Do You Need Silicon Wafers for Your Next Project?  

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