The 3 Processes Involved in Thinning and Polishing Wafers


April 13, 2020

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A wafer goes through several thinning and polishing processes to become a double side polish wafer. In this article, we will discuss those processes in detail. Here are the three processes involved in thinning and polishing wafers.

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What are the Processes Involved in Thinning and Polishing Wafers?

Wafer Lapping

Wafer lapping is carried out after slicing. It aims to remove any damage on both sides of the wafer that were created by the saws during slicing. Several wafers can be lapped at the same time. They are placed in between two counter-rotating cast plates that contain a slurry of alumina abrasive grains with a specific distribution size. Lapping improves the flatness and smoothness of the wafers.

Wafer Etching

Lapping disturbs atoms to a depth of several micrometers, which damages the crystal structure of the wafer. Fortunately, the damage can be chemically removed through etching. This helps create a crystallographically flawless surface. There are two major types of etching: wet etching and dry etching.

Wafer Polishing

Wafer polishing is the final step involved in thinning and polishing a wafer. It helps achieve a super-flat and mirror-like surface. Wafer polishing utilizes both chemical and mechanical techniques to refine a wafer. Two steps are involved in polishing a wafer: pre-polishing and final polishing. And there are two types of polishing:

  • Single Side Polishing (SSP): this process polishes the backside of the wafer only.
  • Double Side Polishing (DSP): this process polishes both sides of the wafer. DSP is suitable for applications with high flatness requirements.

In order to create a double side polish wafer, a wafer must go through DSP.

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