The Advantages of Using GaAs Wafer


August 6, 2020

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GaAs wafer is slowly gaining popularity in the semiconductor industry because of its low power consumption and higher efficiency than silicon. So, more and more market players are drawn to using GaAs in various applications and have considered it an advantageous alternative to silicon. In this article, we will discuss the different advantages of using GaAs wafer.

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What are the Different Advantages of Using GaAs Wafer?

Able to Produce Laser Light from Electricity

Because the GaAs in a GaAs wafer is capable of producing laser light from electricity, it is used to manufacture microwave units, LD, and LED. Polycrystalline and single crystal are the two major types of GaAs wafers used in making these applications. GaAs wafer is also used to manufacture semiconductors, electronic circuits, thermometers, light-emitting diodes, barometers, and optoelectronic applications.

Has an Extensive Range of Applications

Before optoelectronic devices were only used for short-range optical communication and computer peripheral applications, the demand for GaAs wafers wasn’t high. But this changed the moment augmented reality, face recognition, and LiDAR applications were also in demand. The extensive range of GaAs applications in optoelectronics and microelectronics industry increased the demand for GaAs wafers.

GaAs Wafers Today is Better and Improved

LEC and VGF are the two methods used to improve the production and quality of GaAs wafers. Because of these methods, GaAs wafers now have a higher uniformity of electrical properties and exceptional surface conditions. GaAs wafers also have electron mobility, single-junction band-gap, heat and moisture resistance, excellent flexibility, and higher efficiency. These characteristics combined make these wafers a sought-after semiconductor material for various applications.

where is the best gaas wafer?

Looking for a GaAs Wafer?

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