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January 15, 2018

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Silicon wafers can be found in pretty much all electronic equipment. Most of the integrated circuits use silicon wafers as a basis for testing electronic device capabilities. Let’s take a deeper look at what thin silicon wafers are used for and some fun facts about them.

What Are Silicon Wafers Used For?

Most electronic devices are made from silicon, using silicon wafers as the starting material. Electronic devices such as phones, computers, camera sensors, microwave oven control panels, hearing aids, credit card security chips, Wi-Fi boxes, MP3 players, solar cells, and memory sticks are all made using microchips cut from silicon wafers. The printing of the pattern of circuitry on the silicon determines how it is used.

Fun Facts About Silicon Wafers

  • The most common silicon wafers currently manufactured are some of the purest material ever made.
  • An ordinary silicon wafer has few flaws and perfect purity.
  • Silicon is transparent to infrared light, and polished silicon wafers are sometimes used as protective windows for thermal cameras.
  • When silicon reacts with oxygen, it forms silicon dioxide, which is the basic material of glass, sand, and quartz.
  • The fact that silicon is a semiconductor and silicon dioxide is an excellent electrical insulator is part of what makes silicon such a useful material for making electronic devices.

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