Top Questions Asked About InP Reclaim Wafers


August 2, 2021

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If the idea of using InP reclaim wafers makes you uncomfortable, you’re not alone. Years ago, poor reclaim vendors gave these wafers a bad rap. Thankfully, you can find reliable reclaim manufacturers that are able to turn out top-quality products.

InP Reclaim Wafers

Frequently Asked Questions About Indium Phosphide Reclaim Wafers

What Exactly Is Indium Phosphide?

Indium Phosphide (InP) refers to a binary semiconductor that belongs to a group of materials known as III-V Semiconductors. Made up of two chemical elements called Indium (In) and Phosphorus (P), InP is characterized by its face-centered cubic crystal structure. Since it features a superior electron velocity, InP is usually used in high-frequency and high-power electronics.  

What Are Reclaimed Wafers?

When prime and test wafers are stripped of thin films of photoresist, poly, oxide, metals, and nitride, they become reclaimed wafers. The entire process starts with a refined wafer inspection before the wafers are presorted by type, resistivity, and thickness. Next, the wafers go through a lapping and/or etching process to eliminate scratches, patterns, and other surface defects. The newly cleaned, high-quality wafers are polished before they undergo the final cleaning process and final quality inspection. The finished wafers that meet the customer’s standards and requirements are carefully packaged into cassettes before they’re double-bagged and labeled accordingly.  

Can Wafers Go Through Multiple Reclaim Cycles?

Yes, wafers can go through multiple reclaim cycles until they become too thin to serve their purpose. Thanks to laser marking technology, manufacturers and customers are able to track and monitor the life cycle of each reclaimed wafer.

Why Do Semiconductor Facilities Use Wafer Reclaiming?

Semiconductor facilities use the wafer reclaiming method to maximize the value of wafers or substrates that were previously used. If you’re looking to find a more cost-effective alternative to prime-grade wafers for optimizing and monitoring your manufacturing equipment and processes, reclaimed wafers are your best bet.  

InP Reclaim Wafers

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