Top Questions Asked About Laser Marking


June 25, 2021

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Did you know that when a laser beam hits the surface of a wafer, the energy it produces creates a reaction that leaves a permanent mark on the material? Thanks to laser marking technology, a wafer fab can easily track individual wafers throughout their manufacturing process.Laser or light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation feature outstanding monochromaticity, excellent directivity, and tremendously high coherence.

Laser Marking

Answers to the Most Common Questions Asked About Laser Marking

Is it Similar to Laser Engraving?

Although both techniques are quite similar in nature, they’re not exactly the same. For instance, laser marking is all about leaving a permanent mark only on the surface level.Moreover, marking works to oxidize the surface of the material being worked on, while engraving works to vaporize its target spot and permanently remove a part of the material. For this reason, you’ll notice a certain depth in the engraving.

Will It Cause Damage to the Material?

Although laser marking can permanently change the material, this technique won’t cause damage to it. It simply leaves a mark on the areas that you target.What’s so great about using lasers is that they only change the specific area that’s being focused on. Additionally, it’s also a very precise process that is non-contact.

What Industries is It Used In?

Laser marking can be used in many applications, on a wide range of materials, and various industries, including the following:

Laser Marking wafer

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