Ultra Flat Wafers | Why Do Electronics Use Chips Made of Silicon?


January 10, 2019

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When it comes to understanding what ultra flat wafers are and what they can do, first you have to understand what they are made from — silicon. Silicon is a highly adaptive material that has been extremely useful for the advancement of electronics.

What is Silicon?

Silicon is a chemical element that is extremely versatile and readily available to producers. In its purest forms, silicon exists as a shiny dark gray crystal or powder. It was first discovered in 1787 but wasn’t fully utilized in production methods until the 1920s. Even then, manufacturers did not fully understand the complete potential of the element. Silicon was discovered to be an excellent semiconductor and has since become the industry standard for all computer chips.

Why is it Useful in Electronics?

Not only is silicon highly versatile, in that it can take almost any physical shape that you need, but it is also an extremely effective semiconductor. While other elements like metals are also semiconductors, silicon differs because it conducts electron holes and electrons released from atoms by heat. The electrical conductivity increases with high temperatures. This greatly increases the conductivity. There are many different applications for these wafers that are created. You can see these products in things like computers, small electronic devices, all gaming consoles, cell phones, pacemakers, and any other form of technology that uses a circuit board.

Where is the best ultra flat wafers?

Looking for Information About Ultra Flat Wafers?

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