The Process of Making a Modern Computer Chip


May 18, 2020

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A computer chip functions as a central processing unit in a computer. It executes commands that comprise a computer program. A computer chip is essentially a wafer of semiconductor material implanted with integrated circuitry. To produce a fast and highly efficient computer chip, it must be made from high-quality wafers. That's why wafer manufacturing plays an important role in computer chip fabrication. In this article, we will discuss the process of making a computer chip.

What’s the Process of Making a Computer Chip?

Computer chip fabrication begins with wafer manufacturing. To start, pure silicon will be melted in a quartz container. Then, you can add dopants to change the properties of the crystal you’re working with and achieve the results you want. After the silicon has melted, a single seed crystal will be dipped into the molten silicon, then carefully brought up with a precise rotation rate.This creates a block of monocrystalline silicon, which can be sliced into wafers. After slicing, the wafers then go through grinding and polishing to make sure they achieve their supposed flatness and a mirror-like surface. A wafer’s diameter can go from 300 mm in diameter to 450 mm.After grinding and polishing, the wafers will then go through the lithography process, which involves exposing the wafers to intense UV light to allow the developer solution to get rid of the exposed area. The wafers are baked and then go through the lithography process all over again to allow the photoresist to properly develop.After this step, comes the etching step. It involves chemically or mechanically removing layers of exposed oxide on a wafer’s surface during manufacturing. After this step, the wafers will then go through plasma ashing to get rid of the remaining photoresist.

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