Wet Techniques Used for Cleaning Reclaimed Wafers


October 4, 2021

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If you want to reduce your operating costs while getting the benefits of a brand-new wafer, you’ll want to learn more about InP reclaim wafers. Due to their superior electron velocity, these wafers work best for high-power and high-frequency electronic applications and devices. However, since reclaim wafers are reprocessed multiple times, they undergo wet cleaning processes to eliminate contaminants on their surfaces.

Wet cleaning techniques effectively remove surface contaminants without damaging the wafers. However, wet cleaning techniques require the use of more solvents, water, and proper waste disposal methods.  

Different Wet Cleaning Methods

Solvent Cleaning

When it comes to eliminating impurities on the surface of a reclaimed wafer, the solvent cleaning method is the most effective. It involves the use of methanol to remove the contaminants and acetone to ensure that the substrate material is restored to a usable grade.  

RCA Cleaning

The RCA cleaning process uses ultrasonic agitation to get rid of alkali metal ions and organic substances that are present on the reclaim wafer’s surface. The wafer is dipped into a solution consisting of sulphuric acid and hydrogen peroxide for about ten minutes with temperature conditions set between 100°C and 150°C.  

Next, the wafer is dipped for a minute into a mixture of water and hydrochloric acid. Finally, the wafer surface is rinsed with de-ionizing water at room temperature.

Hydrofluoric Acid Dip

Known as the final stage of the wet cleaning process, the wafer is dipped into a solution consisting of hydrofluoric acid and water for around two minutes. De-ionizing water is used for rinsing the wafer before a wettability test is performed to check if the wafer surface is completely devoid of contaminants.

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