What are The Advantages of Laser Marking?


February 6, 2023

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Ink-jet printing and code stickers are conventional techniques for writing on plastics and other surfaces. Although they are well-known, they have some drawbacks in terms of the flexibility and longevity of the marking, and because they employ inks and pretreat the parts, they influence the environment. Because laser marking doesn't require inks, pretreatment or other materials, it can be safely integrated into the assembly line and used on products with quick customization.  

If you want to learn more about laser markings, here are some benefits and uses.  

wafers before laser marking 

Laser Marking Process and Advantages  

Advantages of Laser Marking  

Plastic parts and components can be marked or identified using a laser during a process known as plastic engraving or laser marking process. A non-contact optical procedure called laser marking requires the plastic to absorb the laser beam. The type of plastic used, any additives in the plastic, and the type of laser utilized all affect how the laser marking turns out.  

The following are some benefits of laser marking:  

  • The process is robust, consistent, and reliable.  
  • Provides a high degree of design flexibility for markings of different sizes and shapes.  
  • You can make quick design changes made possible by programmable software.  
  • You'll have the ability to create 2D and 3D markings.  
  • You'll be able to precisely create placemarks and letters, even on curved or irregular surfaces.  
  • Provides clear, high-quality, high-resolution, sharp images.  

Type of Laser Commonly Used  

Gas lasers like CO2 and solid-state lasers like Nd: YAG is employed for most plastic laser marking applications. The high-energy laser created can be used to mark the surfaces of plastics. The 10,600 nm (10.6 m) wavelength of the CO2 laser, also known as the Transversal Excited Atmospheric Pressure Carbon Dioxide Laser (TEA CO2 Laser or the CO2 Laser), is used by lasers.  

worker handling a silicon wafer after laser marking 

Are You Interested in Learning More About Laser Marking?    

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