What is Laser Marking? 


January 23, 2023

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Due to the critical importance of part traceability, branding, and other factors, laser marking is now significant in many sectors. Various processes, materials, and technologies are involved in the laser marking system, which raises many challenges about how to use the process to increase quality, decrease counterfeiting, and other issues. To learn more about this process, here's what laser marking is and how it's done.  

laser marking process

Different Facts of Laser Marking  

What is Laser Marking Technology  

Permanently marking a surface with a laser involves using a focused light beam. Different laser types, such as fiber lasers, CO2 lasers, pulsed lasers, and continuous lasers, can be used. The following are the top three laser marking uses:  

  • With laser marking, surface markings are produced without causing damage to the base metal or its protective covering.  
  • Deep, durable marks are produced by laser engraving that can endure abrasion.  
  • High-speed, high-contrast permanent markings are produced via laser etching.  

What Can Be Marked by Lasers?    

Materials including steel, aluminum, stainless steel, semiconductors, and rubber can all be marked with a laser. Alphanumeric serial numbers, VINs, logos, and 2D barcodes are frequently used to identify parts, and lasers also mark goods.  

In addition to leaving permanent traceable markings on various materials, including steel, titanium, aluminum, and copper, laser marking can also be automated and performed at high speeds. It is possible to mark components and goods using text information or images.  

Procedure for Laser Marking  

A concentrated light beam is used in laser marking to leave marks on the surface of a material. The material's surface is where the beam interacts, changing the substance's characteristics and appearance. The laser marking machine can produce precise, high-quality, high-contrast marks that are simple to read or scan on almost any surface, thanks to this concentrated beam that only focuses on a certain area.  

Laser marking is the best option because of this characteristic for situations where success depends on accuracy and permanence.  

prepping wafers for laser marking 

Are You Interested in Learning More About Laser Marking?  

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