What is the Standard Cleaning Procedure Involved in Reclaiming Wafers?


July 6, 2020

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GaAs reclaim wafers can be used in a variety of applications, from monitoring thermal processes to testing lithography equipment. More and more integrated circuit manufacturers are using reclaim wafers because it can cut operational costs, reduce manufacturing waste, and help save the environment. In this article, we will discuss the standard cleaning procedure involved in reclaiming wafers.

what are gaas reclaim wafers?

What is the Preparation Process and Organic Cleaning Procedure Involved in Reclaiming Wafers?


To produce high-quality GaAs reclaim wafers, the following procedures are done. Before wafers are cleaned, the tools, equipment, and material to be used will be cleaned and prepared to avoid any contamination. Preparation begins by cleaning all RCA beakers, bench, quartz boat, and other materials with DI water. Then, the heater in the RCA bench will be turned on.After this, the quartz boat will be immersed in DI water and then brought to the laminar bench for loading. Once the wafers are loaded, they are linked in a way that the polished surfaces are arranged in the same direction. Then, you will fill three beakers with DI water and then rinse the wafers in each of them three times. After this, you will prepare the solution for HF Dip.

Organic Clean Chemical Process

To start, you will need to heat 180 ml of DI water and 25 ml of NH4OH to about 75-80 degrees Celsius for about 5 minutes. This process helps boost the chemical reaction rate. Then, you will need to remove the solution from the hot plate and add about 50ml H2O2. You’ll know that the answer is ready to use if you notice it bubble actively.By this time, you can soak the wafer into the solution and let it stay there for 6-8 minutes. After heating the wafer, allow it to cool for 8-10 minutes. Once it’s set, rinse the wafers in 3 DI water beakers three times. Dip the wafers in the HF Dip for 30 seconds. Rinse again the wafers three rimes in three DI water beakers, but make sure to use fresh DI water. After this step, wait for the solution to cool down for at least an hour before disposing of it properly.

what is gaas reclaim wafers?

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