What's the Best Type of Wafer for Solar Cells?


June 19, 2024

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Great advancements have been made in solar energy these past few years. Thanks to specialized semiconductors, be it ultra-thin or an FZ wafer, better and more solar cells are being developed.

But among all types of wafers, which ones are the best ones for solar cells? Let’s explore those options.

FZ wafer benefits for solar cells

The Best Type of Wafer for Solar Cells

The most common material used to create solar cells is silicon wafers. There are different types, including:  

Single-Crystal Solar Wafers

Single-crystal solar wafers are the most prevalent types. They come in three main categories:  

  • Type A, with a purity level of 99.999%.  
  • Type B has an even higher purity than Type A.
  • Type C is a less expensive alternative to Type B, with a purity of less than 99.999%.  

Thin Silicon Wafers

Lately, ultra-thin wafers for solar cells have been explored as an option. These thinner wafers offer a less expensive option without sacrificing performance, bringing down the cost of solar energy.

Float Zone (FZ) Wafers

FZ wafers are manufactured using the float zone crystal growth technique, resulting in a crystal with near-perfect properties. They are remarkable for their low dislocation density (close to zero), precisely controlled crystal orientations, and ultra-high purity.

Because of that, FZ silicon can greatly increase the efficiency of solar cell conversion. They absorb more solar radiation per square foot than regular solar panels.  

Their efficiency can exceed 20%, which makes them an excellent choice for high-performance photovoltaic cells used in solar panels. Despite the relatively high initial cost, FZ wafers' long-term performance and efficiency result in cost savings over time.

Is a FZ Wafer the best wafer for solar cells

Get an FZ Wafer for Your Solar Cells

As you can see, FZ wafers contribute to the global trend toward renewable energy sources by enhancing solar panel efficiency and reliability.  

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