Why Are Double Side Polish Wafers Better Than Single-Sided Wafers? 


February 20, 2023

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Double-sided polished wafers are preferred over single-sided polished silicon wafers for a reason. For high-precision applications, their smooth, mirror-like surface delivers the highest surface quality. Furthermore, single-sided wafers are more expensive than double-sided polished silicon wafers, yet they do not affect finished product quality.  

If you want to learn more about this topic, here’s all the information you need about double side polish wafers and single-sided wafers.  

double side polish wafer

Double-Side Polish Wafers    

Why Are Double-Sided Wafers Preferred?  

These double-sided wafers are more durable and can be used in high-volume semiconductor manufacture. Its mirror polish eliminates surface contamination, a major source of poor performance and inefficiency in semiconductor fabrication. This product is more efficient and economical than standard silicon or double-sided glass. It is also thinner than conventional silicon and may be manufactured in a single ingot.  

Other uses of double side polish wafers:

  • It provides a great level of transparency.  
  • It improves the flatness of the surface.  
  • It’s a low-cost way of processing semiconductors.  
  • It’s highly adaptable and configurable.  
  • It’s an efficient method of reducing surface contamination and increasing throughput.  

Why Is It Better for Semiconductor Applications?  

In addition to these advantages, double-sided polished silicon wafers have better electrical characteristics. Because it allows for a wide range of applications, the double-sided polishing method is extremely beneficial for semiconductor applications. They are thinner and more flexible than single-sided polished silicon wafers. Furthermore, their tighter TTV, BOW, and WARP tolerances enable higher-quality semiconductors.  

electronc components with a double side polish wafer

Are You in Need of Double Side Polish Wafers?  

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