Why Choose Double Side Polish Wafers?


November 14, 2022

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Double side polished wafers feature exceptional thickness, uniformity, orientation accuracy, top-notch crystal quality, and homogeneity thanks to their unique properties. Additionally, highly tailored DSP wafer solutions can satisfy various device needs because of our extensive array of wafer characteristics. Here are some other facts why DSP wafers should be on your list of wafers.  

double-side polish wafer

Facts and Uses of Double Side Polish Wafers  

Wafers With a Double-Sided Polish  

Wafer substrates with single-side polishing (SSP) and double-side polishing (DSP) are both parts of silicon wafers. Double-side polished wafers are often necessary for semiconductors, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), and other applications where wafers with precisely regulated flatness properties are required. They are also required for projects involving the production of devices and double-sided patterning.

Wafers need excellent surface quality on both their front and rear sides as semiconductor devices continue to get smaller. These wafers are used most frequently in MEMS, wafer bonding, silicon-on-insulator (SOI) production, and tasks requiring precise flatness. Silicon, glass, and other materials commonly utilized in the semiconductor industry are all available as double-sided polished wafers.  

Advantages of Double Side Polished Wafers  

  • DSP wafers provide a fantastic double-sided lithography platform.  
  • DSP wafers are designed for quick processing, which has been proven to improve both cost and product quality.  
  • DSP wafers are also frequently used as cap wafers for anodic, eutectic, fusion, and glass frit bonding because they provide MEMS structures with exceptional bonding strength and hermetic sealing.  
  • High-precision sensing elements, consistent quality, and efficient processing are all made possible by DSP wafers designed for bulk micromachining and alkali etching.
double-side polish wafer

Are You Interested in Double Side Polish Wafers?

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