Why Are InP Reclaim Wafers an Ideal Option for Electronic Manufacturers


February 2, 2022

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Indium Phosphide is a binary semiconductor comprised of indium and phosphorus compounds. InP reclaim wafers are fundamental in manufacturing the electronic “chips” that are found in nearly all aspects of our daily lives.  

When both prime and test wafers are deprived of thin films of poly, photoresist, oxide, nitride, and metals, they’re remolded into reclaimed wafers. There's a plethora of reasons you should incorporate InP reclaim wafers into your next project.  

colorful InP Reclaim Wafers

Why Should Electronic Manufacturers Choose InP Reclaim Wafers?

They’re Fit for a Budget

Prime-grade wafers are significantly more costly than reclaim wafers. Manufacturers on the hunt for cheaper alternatives will save money without sacrificing the quality of their performance. On average, the reclaim process removes less than 30 microns of material.  

Wafers can be reclaimed multiple times over, resulting in additional savings. Reclaim is usually less than one-third to one-fourth the cost of newer prime test wafers. You can join the major semiconductor device manufacturers across the globe who are enjoying big savings without losing functionality.  

They’re Safer for the Environment  

Because InP reclaim wafers can be recycled numerous times over, they’re reducing the amount of waste you send out into the environment. The process of reclaiming also removes unwanted materials and other contaminants from the wafer.  

Incredibly so, recycled silicon wafers can be used to create solar energy.

They’re Pretty Important

InP reclaim wafers are an essential semiconductor component that has a high limit drift electronic speed along with exceptional thermal conductivity. They have good radiation resistance, making them ideal for high-frequency applications.  

a worker works on one of the newly manufactured InP Reclaim Wafers

Manufacturing the Future with InP Reclaim Wafers

Make an environmentally conscious decision and incorporate InP reclaim wafers and all their benefits into your latest project.  Trust a leading silicon wafer manufacturing company to supply you with the best semiconductor products available today.  

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