3 Common Problems Encountered in Buyer-Supplier Relationship Management


May 14, 2020

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Finding a trusted silicon wafer supplier to deliver you quality wafers on time is crucial to get your business running smoothly, but establishing a good relationship with your supplier is key to guarantee successful business operations in the years to come. Having a strong and healthy relationship with your supplier will help you overcome obstacles along the way and avoid conflicts that may result in unwanted, costly outcomes. In this article, we will discuss the common problems encountered in buyer-supplier relationship management.

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What are the 3 Common Problems Encountered in Buyer-Supplier Relationship Management?

Communication Gap

Communication plays a big role in many aspects of a business, especially in procurement. It helps guarantee that you receive the correct items on the schedule. It also helps avoid any delays and any costly mistakes that may hamper or affect your business operations. So, do your best to maintain good contact with your silicon wafer supplier.

Lack of Transparency

In order to have a successful company-supplier relationship, both of you need to be transparent regarding processes that may affect each other’s business operations. Technology can fill in the gap by providing both your business and your supplier a platform where you can keep track of purchase orders and invoicing.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Your supplier deals with many organizations at once, and sometimes they can encounter unforeseen circumstances within their organization and with external entities. If this happens, expect that there may be a delay in deliveries or unavailability of the products that you may need. When this happens, try to analyze the situation and be patient about it rather than lash out on your supplier. Letting your temper get to you will only weaken your relationship with them. It also helps to have a contingency plan.

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