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August 22, 2019

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Flip-chips are semiconductor devices or electronic parts that can be firmly fixed directly onto a carrier, board, or substrate in a face-down manner. Flip-chips have been around since the early 1960s when IBM utilized them for their central processing unit. One of the main components of flip-chips is silicon wafers. If your next project has something to do with flip-chips, then you must buy silicon wafer that is of high-quality to guarantee that the results are also prime grade. If you're wondering how a flip-chips are assembled, then read on to know more about it:

What are Flip-Chips?

Flip-chips are a semiconductor device or an electronic part that can be mounted straight onto a carrier, board, or substrate in a face-down way. The mounting process is facing down in nature because electrical connections are attained through conductive bumps assembled on top of the chips.  During the installation, the chip is flipped, with the bumps being accurately positioned on their target placements. Flip chips are also smaller in size compared to their conventional counterparts. Since the first use of flip-chips, various companies have developed it to be used in various applications. And because it doesn’t use bond wires, it eliminates the performance issues related to the capacitance and inductance.

Assembling a Flip-Chip

Flip-chips require a separate assembly process because it differs from other traditional semiconductor packages. The flip-chip assembly has three major steps:

  1. Bumping of Chips
  2. Face-down fastening of the bumped chips to the board or substrates
  3. Underfilling is the process of sealing the spaces between the chip and the board or substrate with a mechanically protective material but a non-conductive one.

Today, there's a wide variety of flip-chips for different applications. Just keep in mind that not all flip-chips are the same. So, make sure that you buy silicon wafer that is of high-quality to ensure that the flip-chips you produce are also high-quality.

where can I buy silicon wafer?

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