Application of Float Zone Wafers in Electronics


August 17, 2022

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Float zone wafers (FZ) are a high-purity substitute for Czochralski wafers since these wafers can withstand high temperatures and have a low impurity content. Today, the float zone wafers is commonly used in electronics such as chips and power devices. To help you understand more about this device, here are the different applications of FZ in electronics.  

a closer look at a float zone wafer

Ideal Use of Float Zone Wafers  

In Electronics  

High-efficiency solar cells, radio frequency (RF) circuits, optical products, and discrete power devices are all frequently produced using float zone wafers. Because components like oxygen and carbon are less likely to become active and harm the wafer at higher temperatures, these wafers are also frequently used in high-temperature applications.  

Although float zone wafers are considered a pricey component, they remain the least expensive infrared material on the market. Vacuum tubes were the best substitute up until 50 years after they were banned, at which point integrated circuits took their place and served as the foundation for the subsequent generation of computers that are still in use today.  

Since integrated circuits have been the primary building blocks in creating new generations of computers since the early 1990s, they are also the ones with the most extended lifespan.  

In Radio Frequency Communication  

Since they’re highly transparent to terahertz radiation, they are typically employed in radio frequency transmission, like radio frequency communication. Its benefits in radio frequency transmission include a high heat conductivity and the capacity to transmit up to 50 wavelengths at measurements between 1.5 and 6 micrometers.  

woman packing a float zone wafer

Are You Interested in Float Zone Wafers?  

If you’re looking to get the best kind of wafer for your upcoming project, you might want to consider getting float zone wafers. Here at Wafer World, we recommend FZ wafers because of their high performance and affordable price. Contact our team today to learn more.

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