Why is Polishing Wafers So Important?


July 7, 2020

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A double side polish wafer is a type of wafer that is polished on both sides to achieve a specific flatness. It is commonly used in semiconductor applications, MEMS, double side patterning, and device manufacturing production. Polishing plays an important role not just in thinning wafers, but also in giving them a smooth, mirror-like surface. In this article, we will discuss the four main reasons why polishing wafers is essential.

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Why is Polishing Wafers Important?

Effective at Thinning Wafers

Today's demand for smaller and thinner electronic gadgets and devices has pushed the semiconductor industry to thin wafers even further. So, aside from the traditional wafer grinding methods, they added polishing to the equation, which helped generate ultra-thin wafers.

Get Rid of Subsurface Damage

Aside from thinning wafers, polishing also helps get rid of the subsurface damage created by traditional methods of wafer grinding. Subsurface damage can affect the quality of the wafers. It can turn a high-quality double side polish wafer into a brittle, low-quality wafer. It can also help get rid of stresses and even prevent warping, which can weaken a wafer.

Creates Stronger, More Flexible Wafers

Because polishing helps get rid of contaminants and any unwanted particles on the surface of the wafers, including subsurface damages, it boosts the quality of the wafers, creating stronger, defect-free, and more flexible wafers.

Ideal for Applications That Require Multiple, Flexible Circuits

Semiconductor devices are made of semiconductor chips that use sub-micron level wiring on top of silicon wafers. These layers create unevenness all throughout the entire wafer's surface. Polishing wafers help flatten uneven points on the wafers' surfaces and also prepares them for dicing.

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Looking for a Double Side Polish Wafer?

Polishing plays an important role in creating thinner, more reliable, and more flexible wafers. At Wafer World, we offer a high-quality double side polish wafer at a reasonable price. Contact us for inquires!

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