Float Zone Silicon Wafers | What Are Their Key Features?


May 19, 2017

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Float zone wafers are products that are created using silicon crystals that were grown by the float zone method, which was based on a principle that was invented in 1962. You may not know this, but float zone wafers are everywhere. With efficiencies near 25%, float zone wafers are the high purity alternative to wafers that use silicon grown by the Czochralski (CZ) method. In addition to being extremely pure, float zone wafers possess a wide-range of key features that make them an attractive choice for numerous different applications. What are these key features? Keep reading to find out!

5 Key Features of Float Zone Silicon Wafers

Feature #1: Large bulk target resistivity range.

Feature #2: Low resistivity tolerances and record low radial resistivity variations.

Feature #3: Built-in control of defect levels with no D-defects (flow pattern defects) and no BMDs (bulk micro defects).

Feature #4: Tolerant towards device processing.

Feature #5: High minority carrier lifetimes with a low radial variation of the bulk lifetime.

Due to these key features, float zone silicon makes the perfect silicon wafers for a wide-range of applications. For example, float zone silicon wafers play an integral role in high-efficiency solar panels, power devices, detector, and optical applications.Are you interested in using float zone silicon wafers for your next project? If you answered yes, then you should contact us here at Wafer World, Inc. As leaders in silicon wafer manufacturing, we have been satisfying customers across six continents in over 45 countries and would love to satisfy you by providing you with the highest quality float zone wafers. Order silicon wafers that meet your specific needs by utilizing our fully equipped online store that is open every day, all day, with a short lead time in a secure virtual environment. Connect with us online to learn more today!

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