GaAs Reclaim Wafers | Technique for Re-Polishing GaAs Reclaim Wafers


February 24, 2020

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GaAs reclaim wafers make good test wafers for various applications. They offer the same benefits as brand-new wafers do, but for a fraction of the price. Plus, reclaiming can be done multiple times! As long as the water doesn't break. Here’s a breakdown of the technique for re-polishing to reclaim GaAs wafers.

Where to get a gaas reclaim wafer?

What is the Technique Used to Re-Polish GaAs Reclaim Wafers?

Reclaiming Wafers

To reclaim wafers successfully, layers need to be removed from the wafers’ surface. This process is called strip and etch. It is carried out by submerging the wafers into a series of baths. After this, the wafers are rinsed, dried, and visually controlled.After the strip and etch process, it's time to re-polish wafers. The techniques used to re-polish wafers depends on the remaining patterns left on the wafers and the customer's request. But generally, polishing GaAs wafers, can be accomplished in two steps: first is stock removal and the next step is the microroughness reduction and particle contamination.

Create GaAs Wafers

To create GaAs reclaim wafers, the re-polishing process begins with mounting wafers on carriers using templates. The wafers will then go through the removal step. During the stock removal process, the removal rate and total thickness variation must be controlled to prevent damaging the wafers.The length of the process depends on the amount of pattern left to remove. After this, expect the wafers to be slightly rough and hydrophilic but are already free of scratches. The second step helps reduce the roughness and particle contamination. This step is necessary to achieve a mirror-like surface.

What is a gaas reclaim wafer?

Looking for GaAs Reclaim Wafers?

Instead of using brand-new test wafers, you can use GaAs reclaim wafers to cut on costs. If you’re looking for high-quality GaAs wafers, you can get them from Wafer World! We offer high-quality reclaimed wafers at an affordable price. Contact us to learn more!

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