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February 7, 2019

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GaAs stands for Gallium Arsenide and it is a semiconductor compound utilized in integrated circuits, field-effect transistors, and in some diodes. GaAs components are used in fast electronic switching applications and ultra-high radio frequencies. Gallium arsenide is one of the components used to manufacture LEDs that are found in control systems and optical communications. Are GaAs reclaim wafers an option for your next project? The answer is definitely yes!

The GaAs Wafer Reclaiming Process

  • Sorting

Sorting is necessary to avoid metallic contamination in the reclaim line. Sorting involves ocular inspection of the wafer, wafer type determination, dopant, and mechanical parameters measurement.

  • Stripping

The condition and prior processing of the wafers must be considered during this process. It matters because different methods will be used depending on the condition of the wafer. It can be done in automated wet immersion batch tanks or in a mixture of sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide.

  • Lapping and Grinding

Films need to be taken out and this can be done through grinding on thick wafers. Lapping and edge rounding are also used.

  • Polishing

A combination of chemical and mechanical polishing is used to complete the reclaiming of the wafers.

  • Cleaning

Because the polishing leaves unwanted grains of particles and metallic impurities on the wafer, it must be cleaned. The cleaning process is performed in an orderly manner in one cleaning bath. As a final step, the wafer is dried using a surface tension dryer.

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