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January 31, 2020

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A GaAs wafer is a combination of gallium and arsenide. It is a semiconductor material widely used to fabricated devices like laser diodes, photovoltaic cells, integrated circuits at microwave frequencies, and more. GaAs wafers are also known to be twice more efficient compared to solar-grade silicon wafers. In this article, we will discuss your most common GaAs wafer applications.

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What are the Most Common Wafer Applications?

GaAs in Transistors and Computers

A GaAs wafer is widely used in transistors and computers. Although its physical and chemical properties complicate its application in the fabrication of transistors by being a binary composite with lower thermal conductivity and higher CTE, its speed and performance make up for it. Electrons travel faster in GaAs than they do in silicon, allowing faster and better computing.

GaAs in Defense and Aerospace

Ever since GaAs has been used in military and aerospace applications, like radars, secure communications, and sensors. It has paved its way into commercial markets. It also allowed circuits to perform at higher frequencies. What's great about GaAs wafers is that its bandgap width is greater compared to germanium or silicon. The mobility of electrons is also greater in GaAs wafers. GaAs is widely used for MESFET transistors, semiconductors, lasers, tunneling diodes, and photoelectric cells. After its progress in federal programs, GaAs soon reached new markets, like wireless local area networks, personal communication systems, global positioning systems, live satellite transmission, and other forms of mobile communications.

GaAs in High-Frequency Technology Applications

The electrons in GaAs wafers are accelerated at an increased speed, requiring lesser time to travel the transistor channel. At high frequencies, this is proven to be very useful, since the optimal operating frequency can be achieved. GPS, PCS, WLAN, and mobile communications also require working at high low frequencies, which could not be accomplished by using silicon or germanium wafers.

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