GaAs Wafer Market Analysis and Forecast


January 4, 2023

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A compound semiconductor called a GaAs wafer has several characteristics, including excellent thermal stability, high electron mobility, a broad operating temperature range, and low noise. It is frequently used as a substrate material in other semiconductors to build a crystalline covering on a crystalline substrate. If you want to learn more about the market and forecast of this material, here's all the information you need.  

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Market Analysis and Forecast  

Business Dynamics  

The main factors driving the market growth are the expanding use of GaAs wafers in numerous real-world applications and the rising demand for GaAs in producing different devices. Devices like microwave frequency integrated circuits, laser diodes, IR light-emitting diodes, optical windows, and solar cells are some of the materials made.  

The increasing use of GaAs in applications such as mobile phones, radar systems, satellite communication, and space applications, as well as the expanding semiconductor market globally, is expected to boost the market's growth throughout the forecast period. GaAs wafers are replacing silicon wafers in manufacturing due to their superior properties.  

Analysis of Market Segments  

According to the manufacturing method, the vertical gradient freeze (VGF) and liquid encapsulated Czochralski (LEC) segments now hold the majority of the market and are anticipated to develop quickly at a CAGR over the coming years. The market is expanding due to more manufacturing businesses using VGF and LEC technologies to create GaAs wafers.

Advantage and Drawbacks  

The advantages that GaAs wafers provide, such as their flexibility and lightweight construction, high efficiency, and low light performance, eventually drive the market's expansion. However, the high cost of manufacturing single crystal GaAs substrate and the absence of natural oxide in silicon wafers pose significant barriers to the market's expansion.  

Reason for Expansion  

The market is expanding due to the increasing manufacturing of RF electronics devices using GaAs substrate. During the forecast period, the market's growth is anticipated to be enhanced by an increase in the use of RF electronic goods for applications such as satellite communications, 4G/5G infrastructure applications, Wi-Fi communications, and wireless communication applications.  

Additionally, the market is expanding due to increased RF filter implementation for uses in 4G and 5G Smartphone devices, as well as rising RF test & measurement equipment needs.  

microchip with GaAs Wafer 

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