4 Key Factors that Make GaAs Reclaim Wafers Effective


May 8, 2020

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GaAs reclaim wafers have been used for more than a decade in several test wafer applications. It’s just as effective and efficient as prime test wafers when used correctly. Using reclaimed wafers for test wafer applications allowed the semiconductor industry to optimize material usage and cut down on costs without compromising product quality. GaAs reclaim wafers can meet the standards for prime test wafers, that’s why they’re widely used in many different applications. This blog is going to tackle several things about reclaiming wafers, from the technology used to the increased cost savings of reclaiming wafers.

What makes gaas reclaim wafers effective?

What are Key Factors that Make GaAs Reclaim Wafers Effective?

Increased Cost Savings

Reclaim wafers require only ¼ the cost of new prime test wafers. And because wafers can be reclaimed up to 3 times, that means triple the savings for the semiconductor industry.

Reclaiming Technology, Tools, and Equipment

To produce reclaim wafers that meet industry standards and specifications, reclaiming companies need to invest in state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. From incoming wafer inspection, cleaning, and polishing, to wafer testing and packaging, each step must be done carefully with the use of high-quality tools and equipment to guarantee the success of the reclaim process.

Quality Control

GaAs reclaim wafers are only useful if they pass the wafer reclaim standards we talked about. So, each of the requirements should be met to satisfy the demands of the semiconductor device and equipment manufacturers. That's why quality control needs to be carried out from the very beginning of the wafer reclaiming process.

Wafer Reclaim Applications

High-quality reclaimed wafers can be used for all test wafer applications. This includes particle monitors, diffusion, implants, CVD, equipment set-up and demonstrations, and furnace filters.

What are quality gaas reclaim wafers?

Looking for GaAs Reclaim Wafers?

It’s best to use a combination of GaAs reclaim wafers and prime test wafers instead of using all prime to cut on costs, without sacrificing product quality. Wafer World is a manufacturer that knows the best way to maintain superior quality efficiently. Contact us for inquires!

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