How Are Wafers Cleaned and Polished?  


December 14, 2022

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Polishing the wafer is the last and most crucial step in the manufacturing process. This process will determine whether the wafers are good enough to ship or use. Silicon wafer processing can make or break the quality of the wafer, which is why this is one of the most critical processes.  

Silicon Wafer Processing 

The Cleaning Process  


The final step in the manufacturing process is cleaning the wafer. This process takes place in a controlled and clean room. These clean rooms must have a rating system that ranges from Class 1 to Class 10,000. The employees must wear cleanroom suits, which enclose their bodies entirely from head to toe and do not pick up or carry any particles, to help maintain this level of cleanliness.  


Most prime-grade silicon wafers are polished in two to three stages using progressively finer slurries or polishing agents. Wafers are typically only polished on the front side, except 300mm wafers, which are double-sided polished. A mirror finish results from extensive polishing.  

Cleaning Baths  

Following polishing, the silicon wafers move on to a thorough cleaning process that involves numerous clean baths. This procedure eliminates residues, trace metals, and surface particles. A backside scrub is frequently performed to eliminate even the smallest particles.  


Engineers sort silicon wafers by specification and inspect them using high-intensity lights or laser scanning systems after the final cleaning step. This finds any extraneous materials or flaws that might have appeared during fabrication. All silicon wafers that satisfy the requirements are put into cassettes and taped shut.  

The silicon wafers are delivered in an airtight foil outer bag vacuum-sealed inside a plastic bag. This guarantees that when the cassette exits the clean room, it does not contain any dirt or moisture.  

Silicon Wafer Processing 

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